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Spider Lines - Signed Copy

Spider Lines - Signed Copy

SKU: ISBN: 978-1-61984-844-3-PSC
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Author Terry Trafton's first novel Spider Lines


        On a sunny fall morning in Southern Indiana artist Ben Manning has just bought a house that continues to be occupied by its previous owner Anna Atwood. At first, he thinks the image of the young woman on the stairway is an illusion, a distortion of light and shadow. As the days pass, Anna’s appearances begin to frighten both Ben and his friend Jenna Newland, especially after Anna warns them that the house is a living thing with unimaginable powers. After learning Anna’s incredible secret, Jenna realizes Ben is slipping into another time and that his obsession with this enigmatic woman is evident in the portrait he is painting––a portrait of a woman without eyes.
          After continued paranormal events both inside and outside Atwood House, Dr. Adrian White and parapsychologist Liz Raymond, attempt to solve what has become a mystery as impossible as it is provocative. Despite Anna’s warning that something monstrous is buried beneath the lawns of Atwood House, digging begins, and what’s uncovered is more shocking than any of them anticipate. An eccentric scientist, Charlie Chase, connects his work on a classified government project known as Firefly to the strange occurrences at Atwood House. A government man, known only as Smith, wants to use Chase’s research to establish military hegemony. Even when the truth is revealed, it suggests realities that not one of them is prepared to accept.  It is knowledge so extraordinary that it challenges predominate theories of space and time and becomes a major threat to national security.
       Strange happenings, profound revelations, and exciting character interactions are guaranteed to keep readers engaged in this page-turning adventure that brings the paranormal closer to scientific fact.  From beginning to end, Spider Lines remains a sensitive love story about a man fascinated by the mystery of Anna Atwood who is intent on turning him away from the love of the only woman who can save him.



A Fox Lane Book

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

Publication Date:  2018 

Print Length:  384 numbered pages


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    Hardcover: 384 Pages
    Publisher: Gatekeeper Press 
    Publication Date: June 25 2019
    Language: English

    ISBN: 978-1-61984-844-3-PSC

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